Bali Artisan Panels - Elephants and Volcano 2

Product Ref: CWPN-09/AW

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Bali Artisan Panels - Elephants & Volcano

Bali Artisan Panels - Elephants & Volcano Natural Add some elegance and culture to your home with our range of Bali Artisan Panels. These exquisite wall panels are hand-carved by Balinese artisans. Carved by hand from Champa wood bringing each detail to life in a three-dimensional work of art.

A panel can take up to two months to carve, indeed the artisan who produces ref 05 "Lovers & Deer" will only make six in a year. The spectacular attention to detail gives the wall panel the realism and beauty that you can't get in other wall art. You will be in awe of how much care and talent goes into these wall panels. Each is slightly different, therefore unique. 

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Unit Dimensions: 30x46x5 cm
Origin: Indonesia
weight: 2.350Kg
Materials/Ingredients: Champa wood