Bottled Money Pots


 Each bottle comes complete with its own beautifully designed gift bag with tag attached,  and comes with its own exclusive dream card. Dreams and wishes can be written down and popped inside the bottle waiting to come true when the bottle is filled.'A savings bottle for dreams and cash, the way to free is to smash!'

 Each bottle holds up to £500! Based on using £2 coins


These gorgeous money pots are a handy saving idea to help even the worst of savers as there is no way to remove the money without first breaking the pot. bottle of dreams money pots saving

Bottle of dreams are beautifully hand finished and make great gifts for all occasions and every home should have at least one.

The money inside the pot can only be accessed by breaking into it.

Wine & Champagn Bottles hold approx £1000 in two pound coins,other approx £500!

Pocket Pennies Children's savings bottles are re-useable  

We have also have a stunning range of children's savings bottles. These smaller sized, traditional milk bottle designs for children also come with their own gift bag. Pocket Pennies designs include Pocket Money Fund, Bike Fund, Toy Fund and more.

Each bottle holds up to £300!
Based on using £2 coins

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