Dreaming Candles set of 4

Product Ref: AW/DreamC

Price: £24.99

Dreaming Candles Wonderful real wax candles that light up!

Okay, you’re probably thinking that ALL candles light up, but these candles are something special! These candles come in various shapes and actually light up FROM THE INSIDE and then change colours! You have to see it to believe it!

They work with a small switch on the base so (unlike others) you don't need to light the candle. The LED colour changing light will last many hours but after the battery goes you can burn the candles as normal so you get a double life from these candles. Double the Delight! What better romantic gift than a flickering heart shaped LED candle.

The three primary colours are red and blue and green the sequence is as follows red goes in purple-pink,purple-pink to blue, blue to yellow, yellow to green orange to red.

The candle batteries are flat silver batteries so you should be able to purchase these and the colour changing mechanism is operated via flip switch on the bottom of the candle so this can be in operation when the candle is lit. We recommend not to burn the candle too close the led light.

Dreaming Candles - Hexagonal H: 70mm.  Pillar H: 100mm.  Heart H: 70mm, L: 80mm

Star H:80mm, D:80mm. Daisy H: 70mm, L: 70mm      Shapes subject to availability.

They make quite a feature when arranged by hight.