New Fun LED Balloons

Product Ref: LED

Price: £6.00

These fun LED balloons are a brilliant way to create an uplifting atmosphere

Pack contains 5 LED party balloons

To light up your novelty balloons simply pull the tag that emerges from each party balloon
and inflate with air or helium as normal. Indoors or outdoors, your birthday party or late-night
soiree will look fabulous illuminated by the glow of these funky party balloons -
kit out your party today! at all your parties and special occasions.Each of the party balloons
in the Light-up Balloon Pack is fitted with a bright LED light that when lit, create
beautiful balloon orbs to wow your friends and family, as well as give you a leg up in the birthday party stakes

How it works: Pull the tab on the balloon before blowing it up.The whole balloon then flashes
in the chosen colour! Watch the balloon flashTransform parties and celebrations
with these enchanting LED balloons


Pack contains 5 LED party balloons 

Each Pack containing 5 colours: the LED light in the balloon flashes
in colours (White, Red, Blue, Green & Yellow) Suitable for air and helium filling
Balloon will light up once you pull off the tab
Inflation Size: 23cm or 9inches diameter Material: 100% Natural Latex rubber