Terramindi:Pink and cream mini stripes

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Terramundi earthenware money pots really make the most fabulous gifts.
So many designs that you are bound to choose the perfect theme to match the recipiant.
Hand-painted in London in dozens of great patterns and designs.
The pot comes with a label for the date and the dream which is being saved for, to be written on and
inserted into the pot, which has a ‘fortune coin’ already inside.

Brand Terramundi
Product Money Pot
Material Terracotta
Colour Black, Red, Silver
Height (cm) 19
Width (cm) 14

Each money pot contains a separate fortune Coin.
Money pots hold approximately £200 in mixed silver.
Terramundi money pots are hand thrown in Italy and
hand painted in London.They stand between 17cms and 19 cms in height